Friday, July 3, 2020

Baby Sullivan - The First 12 Weeks

Baby Sullivan – The First 12 weeks

Chris and I made the decision not to tell a soul about our current pregnancy until we hit the 12 week zone and got the all clear from our doctor.   What many people don’t know is that approx 6 months after we got married, we got pregnant and had a miscarriage (around 7 weeks).  It was devastating for me.  That’s a story for another time.

I often get asked when I knew I was pregnant.  It was early.  Very early.  I am very regular with my cycle and very in tune with my body.  When I missed my period, I knew it was possible I could be pregnant.  We had been tracking ovulation for 6+ months and the timing was right.  I was very cautious though (previous experience and all).  I waited until approx the 6 week mark to even take a pregnancy test.  Isn’t that crazy? 

Fun fact: I actually took my 1st pregnancy test in the bathroom at work and hit it in my drawer without looking at it (for the next couple hours). 

That test was positive!  I took another one a week later.  Still positive.  In all honesty, I tried to put it out of my mind.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up after our previous experience.

At the 8 week mark I had an appt with my OB.  Chris was still unaware that I was pregnant.  There were a million times I almost told him, but I had to be sure.  The doctor confirmed it.  I saw the heartbeat and the teeny tiny little baby.

I began brainstorming fun ways to tell Chris we made a miracle baby.  I had settled on a walk around the Lakefront and slipping it in to the conversation somehow.  However, several days in a row, he was so beat after work that the walk didn’t happen. I wound up blurting it out in our kitchen while we were getting dinner ready. LOL. 

Chris’s first time seeing the baby “for real” was at our 12 week appointment.  I think it got real then.  At that point, we began deciding how to tell our families & then eventually announcing it on social media.

Stay tuned for the next part in the Baby Sullivan story…..

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hospital Stay

Wow! Covid-19 sure had changed things.  For those of you who don’t know, on Tuesday morning, 6/9, at 2am, I took Chris to the ER with SEVERE stomach/side pain.  We suspected kidney stones but weren’t sure.  After 4.5 hours on a hard bench in front of the ER, I was able to speak with a doctor who confirmed that Chris had not one, but TWO kidney stones.  They were admitting him.  

This broke my heart :(  Chris waiting in the ER, alone & in pain, for the nurse.

The imaging showed one stone that was traveling/blocking and another just “hanging out” in the kidney.  On Wednesday, 6/10, Chris had surgery to remove the stones.  The doctor let me know afterwards that it was a good thing surgery was done.  Chris’s ureter narrowed at the bottom which means that his 4mm stone would never have been able to pass through.

In addition, while the doctor had Chris under anesthesia, he decided to perform a prostate exam.  Now, normally this is a procedure for men over 50.  Chris is 45.  However, this particular doctor has had experience with men in their late 40’s showing signs of Prostate issues.  In light of that, he decided to perform a prostate exam.  During that exam, he found a nodule that he “didn’t like”.   He felt very strongly that it needed to be removed and biopsied to ensure it’s not cancerous.  

The dreaded C-word.  Prostate cancer isn’t common in Chris’s family, but cancer is.  His brother has dealt with it 3 separate times.  We are looking at this doctor and even the kidney stones as the hand of God looking out for him/us.  If this kidney stone issue had not happened, it would have been 5+ years before Chris ever thought about his prostate or getting it checked. 

These kidney stones very well could have saved his life. 

UPDATE: We just had his follow up appointment, his stent was removed and his pathology determined NO CANCER!!!  #Praise God

Throughout our stay at the hospital, there were definitely changes in processes & procedures from the last time we stayed at one (Chris’s appendectomy).  Here are the changes that I am aware of while we were there.  I hope this helps you if you need to be in the hospital or have a loved one in the hospital in Osceola County, FL. 
Note: These are just the changes we noticed at our local hospital based on our prior and current experience. 

Changes we Noticed in Hospital:

·         ER – no one is allowed inside the Emergency Room except the patient.  This was extremely hard for me.  When someone you love is in pain, you want to stay by their side and meet any need they have.


o   Only one visitor is allowed for the duration of the stay.  This means that whoever visits you (or is with you in the ER) is the only person allowed to be with you for the entire time you are in the hospital.
o   Visiting Hours -8am-8pm – Strictly Enforced.  On Surgery day, Chris thought he was going to be taken back around 7:30am.  I BEGGED the security officer and information desk person to let me up.  They did… thankfully.
o   Overnight Visits – not allowed.  I don’t know if this is true for the maternity ward.  Chris was on the Oncology floor.   I was allowed to stay overnight a couple times but for the most part, this rule is strictly enforced. 
o   Masks & hand sanitizing are required at all times when moving about the hospital.  If I left the hospital for any reason, I had to get a new mask when I returned.
o   Food/Coffee/Snacks – aside from a vending machine there are NO food/drink options for visitors.  I spent basically 18-24 hours at the hospital so any time I needed a meal, I had to have it delivered or leave to go get it.  The cafeteria has been changed to “Employees Only” due to Covid-19 and the kiosks that sold pastries and coffee are shut down until further notice. 

Chris has been out of work for 2 weeks without pay but there are so many blessings to speak of, like the fact that his insurance just went in to effect on June 1st.  This happened on June 9th!  That's without a doubt, a GOD thing! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I haven't really done the research yet, but I am slowly making the switch to Blog Lovin (just in case).  I haven't blogged in awhile, but feel free to follow me there too.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #1 - First Timer

Hi Y'all!  It's been a hot minute since I last blogged.  Sorry about that.  I have never participated in "link ups" before, but I figured now was as good a time as any to jump right in.  So here we go......


1. I started my blog because I wanted a place to share my thoughts & feelings, as well as new projects with my family and friends.  I have a large extended family and keeping in touch with people across the US and the World is hard.  This blog makes it a bit easier.

2. One thing I love seeing on other blogs are personal stories of heartache and triumph.  Why heartache you might ask?  It reminds me that we are all real people with real struggles.  It is not always easy to share the good and the bad in an open forum, but I always appreciate it when people make the choice to do it.

3. Something I love about blogging is sharing new products I find that I think others will love.  I also love blogging about the adventures in my life.  I feel like there is never a dull moment.

4. A favorite blog post of mine is this one about my graduation or this one about my most recent birthday.  Both were celebrations that caught me totally off guard.  My Orlando Magic themed birthday party was a total surprise to me (and I LOVED IT).  The graduation celebration was not a surprise, but one of my favorite times.  I still cannot believe that I have completed both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  So crazy to think about!

5. Something my friends in real life know about me that I've never before mentioned on my blog is that I am left-handed.  Crazy right??  I know it is simple, but it's something that most of my real life friends know that my blog family might not. :)

6. My favorite blogs to read are Heather over at Twinkie Tot Mom, Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity, and Chelsea over at The Jacobs Journal. These ladies are all inspirations to me in very different ways.  Some of my blog friends are also real life friends, andI treasure each of them (blog and real life) and the role they play in my life.

7. Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blog are being overly negative.  This seems to be the common thread in what we are all avoiding on our blog.  I want to be real, but I also want to try to find the positive in the negative situations.

*Be sure to link up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness

Many of you participated in the 30 days of Thankful-ness on Facebook.  For those of you that didn't, I thought I would recap my thankfulness.  What a treasure to remind myself of the things I am thankful for on a daily basis.

Day 1 -  Today I am thankful for life.  It is so precious and not guaranteed.  I am especially thankful for new life and the miracle of life.

Day 2 - Today  I am thankful for my job.  In a time when so many people are out of work, I am thankful to not only have a job, but a career....and one that I enjoy.

Day 3 - Today I am thankful for music.  Gospel, Country, Top 40.....Nothing can change my mood faster than the right song.  Thank you to all you musicans out there for following your dreams.

Day 4 - Today I am thankful for modern medicine which is making it possible for me to function.  And for my bestie who set up a mini pharmacy for me when I told her I wasn't feeling well :)

Day 5 - Today I am thankful for a restful day off.  I have caught a cold and I am thankful for this day to do nothing and rest.

Day 6 - Today I am thankful fr a wonderful worship service.  God new exactly what I needed today.

Day 7 - I am thankful today for all my bloggy friends.  You inspire me daily with your creativeness, your triumphs, and your everyday life lessons.

Day 8 -  My heart has been captured by 4 little ones....Alexandra, Madelyn, Preston, and Aubrey.  I am so honored to be your "aunt Cha Cha".  Today I am thankful for these little treasures.  Its funny, but I don't remember life without them.

Day 9 - My favorite local restaurant is celebrating 40 years in business today.  I am thankful for them.  Thanks Fatboys for all the wonderful memories...past, present, and future.

Day 10 - Today I am thankful for dinner places that deliver.  After a long day, its nice to have someone else worry about dinner :)

Day 11 - Today I am thankful for all veterans around the world.  They ensure our continued freedoms.  Both my grandfathers have passed but they were both veterans.  Thank you doesn' seem enough but ill say it anyways.  THANK YOU!!!

Day 12 - Today I am thankful for great friends & fellowship.  Both of which I will have tonight at the Chandlers annual Thankgiving dinner.

Day 13 - Today I am thankful for surprises.  Surprised Alexandra & Coen with an afternoon of bowling and we are having a blast!

Day 14 - Today I am thankful for the patience of my customers.  Everyone has an "off" day and it turns out I had one last week.  My customers patience in correcting the error was amazing.

Day 15 - Today I am thankful for the time I get each Tuesday and Wednesday night to hang out with Preston (& sometimes the girls).  He is almost 2.  I just can't believe how fast it has gone!

Day 16 - Today I am thankful for a roommate that works close to home.  Can't remember if I turned off my flat iron this a.m. #dontwannaburndownthehouse

Day 17 - Today I am thanful for Good.  The phrase "I don't know, let me google it," comes out of my mouth at least once a day. #constantlylearning

Day 18 - Today  I am thankful for Disney.  Added more family memories today thanks to Disney.  PS Happy 83rd Birthday Mickey!!

Day 19 - Today I am thankful for Alexandra Pasquarello who arrived 6 years ago today.  Happy Birthday Yaya!  I love you bunches!!

Day 20 - Today I am thankful for pink, pearls, and tea time....All things girl!!  Continuing Alexandra's weekend of surprises!!

Day 21 - Today I am thankful for the mailman, UPS man, & Fedex man.  They are beginning to deliver the Christmas presents I ordered :)

Day 22 - Uh oh, some how I missed a day.  Oopps :(

Day 23 - Today I am thankful for "mini breaks".  These next 4 days off are exactly what I need to recharge my batteries.

Day 24 - Today I am thankful for so, friends, health, and so much more.

Day 25 - Today I am thankful for black Friday sales.  I am hoping to get a few Christmas gifts and save some money at the same time.  #wishmeluck

Day 26 - Today I am thankful for #4Rivers and a great time with a great friend :) (Ashley Wilder)

Day 27 - Today I am thankful to be part of a church that isn't afraid to get RADICAL.  So proud of my FBC family.

Day 28 - Today I am thankful for my Aunt Jane and the wonderful package I got from her today :)

Day 29 - Today I am thankful for hot cocoa.  Nothing better than hot cocoa & my back porch on a cool (cold to this Floridian....its 58) evening.

Day 30 - Today I am thankful for my life.  There have been ups & downs but I'm excited to see what the Lord has in the future.

Well folks, there you have it.  30 days of thankfulness.  It was wonderful to remind myself of all the many blessings in my life.  I have so much more to be thankful for than even this list shows.

What are you thankful for?
What are you thankful for?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girls Night In

I am so incredible blessed to have such a wonderful group of girlfriends in my life.  This past weekend, we all got together and had an old-fashioned, slumber party. 

We all had matching pj's.

We did our hair.

We did our nails.

We did our faces.

There was even a run to Walgreens (in our matching PJ's) for more snack foods and hair dye!

Fun in Walgreens

We ate junk food that we normally deprive ourselves of....Cheetos, Twizzlers, cookies, and Pizza.
So Yummy!!!

Yummy Pizza AND it supports Breast Cancer research

Yummy snacks on the table.
Our party planner extraordinnaire, Danielle, even made each of us a new pillow case monogrammed with our initial.  A super special keepsake!

Even with the "blip"(around 2am), it was one of the best nights I've had in a while.  I have been friends with most of these ladies for years and years.  We have grown up from teenagers to grown women with careers and husbands (some).  Through it all, we remain friends.

Takara Pate, Michelle DeCarlo, Crystal Cedeno, Brandy Garrett, Marissa Sackrider, Ashley Wilder, and Danielle Daku, thanks for the memories!!!

note: Michelle is missing from this photo b/c she had to come late :(

I love you girls!

PS A special thank you to Takara Pate for hosting the event!

Monarch of the Seas

Every year, my bestie and I try to plan a weekend cruise.  We usually go around the end of September or beginning of October. 

My bestie, Danielle

This year we went October 14-17 and this year Ashley Wilder joined us.

Me, Danielle, Ashley

Night out on the Boat

It was such a blast!  It was beyond that.  I was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on.

I cannot wait to plan the next one.

Maybe you'll come with us next year!  Wouldn't that be fun?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Click

Visiting Orphans  -  GO. BE. LOVE.

Your vote can make a difference!

If everyone on our email list would be willing to vote - Visiting Orphans could be awarded a $50K grant. In order for this to happen - you don't have to donate, you don't even have to register (although if you do, you get more votes), you just have to vote. It'll only take a moment but it can have eternal impact:

There are millions of orphans in this world... ALL over the world. We are only in 13 countries. Can you imagine the lives of orphans we can touch if we could reach more countries? With your vote, we can do this! If you register you get 3 votes to use right away...

Please vote for Visiting Orphans today on the Giving of Life website!

The voting will end on Friday, November 4 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Thank you so much!!!

Visiting Orphans is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation; Tax ID # 20-3179796

Friday, October 7, 2011


That is how I feel lately!  I have become lazy.  I have become so wrapped up in my daily routine that I have lost my creative spirit. 

Well, that is going to of RIGHT NOW!

A project at work has reignited the fire I used to have for creating things and being creative.

In addition, I have been inspired daily by several of the blogs I follow.  Their ideas are just amazing.  They keep me coming back for more.  I hope to once day be even half as creative as they are.

Anyways, just thought I would let you know that I am ON FIRE!! RE-IGNITED!! INSPIRED!!

And I am so glad you are along on this journey with me!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Friday, September 23rd, I celebrated a birthday. 

How old am I you might ask? 

Haven't you ever heard that it is rude to ask a woman her age? 

You haven't? 

Oh, in that case, I just turned.........28.  Wow!  Where has the time gone.

My birthday this year was such a wonderful celebration!  It started with a blast from the past.....BOWLING.  We hit up our local bowling alley, AMF Lanes on 192. The Pasquarello kids had.a.blast!  And so did I!

The girls and I bowling (check out their crossed legs, lol)

The Pink Lady bowling

Go Mo!!!!  Get that strike.

A couple of days later it was my actual birthday.  I woke up to a new purse from my Bestie, Danielle.  It matched my outfit for the day, so that was an added bonus.  All day I was greeted with "Happy Birthdays" and well wishes.  I received flowers from Laura Draper (a sales rep at work) and the largest cookie cake I've ever seen from another sales rep, Marvin.  (my camera ate the picture of the flowers, but below is a picture of the cake).

Throughout the day, the birthday well wishes never stopped via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message.

That evening, we all got together for our weekly Friday Family dinner.  I walked in and the place was decorated all in Orlando Magic theme!  If you didn't know, they are my FAVS!!! 

Thanks Guys for the birthday wishes! :)

Yummy cupcakes (but they did turn all our mouths blue)
Alexandra and I

The Bestie and Me

I am so blessed and so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  The path hasn't always been easy, but I can honestly say that the "bad eggs" have been removed from my life.  Those that are left, please know that I love you. I value your place in my life. 

Thank you for a wonderful birthday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tapping in to my creative side

Are you a creative person?  Prior to beginning this blogging experience, I would have said NO to this question.  However, as I am reading through lots of other blogs, I am learning to become more thrifty and yes, even more crafty and creative. 

I now have a list of projects I want to try thanks to several new bloggy "friends".

Have you tried any of these? 

Do you have any more creative projects for me to try?

If you like the ideas below, be sure to give them love!
NOTE:  Quite a few of these came from Kim over at A Girl And A Glue Gun, or AGAAGG, for short.  Check out her blog, she has TONS of crafty ideas!

"Because I love you" Frame

Looking for a cute way to display family photos?  How about a family tree?


Recycled T-Shirts

Rolled Fabric Flowers

Tissue Paper Pom Poms
The tissue pom poms I have actually done for Aubrey Lemon's birthday party.  **Thanks Tiffany for introducing me to these.  I love them!!

These are just a few of the crafts that I am anxious to try for myself.  Do you have any DIY projects that you can share with me?  I am hoping my list keeps growing and I keep learning!

Baby Sullivan - The First 12 Weeks

Baby Sullivan – The First 12 weeks Chris and I made the decision not to tell a soul about our current pregnancy until we hit the 12 week...